Honestly, I think the Sabriel “thing” probably arose from… a deep misunderstanding of Gabriel’s character, and the show’s own failure to emphasize the trauma Sam had from Mystery Spot, as well as wanting an angel to pair with Sam to match Destiel. 

no you know what fuck you do you have any idea how much time i actually spend analyzing gabe’s character and his relationship with other people? it’s a whole fucking lot and i seriously doubt i can have any misunderstandings of gabriel’s character after seeing all of his episodes at least twenty times each and after writing at least four character analyses and explaining countless times why sabriel is a legitimate ship okay if anyone fucking knows gabriel it’s me. my blog is pretty much a gabriel blog. where some people are dean, sam, or cas girls, i’m a gabe girl. gabriel is my favorite character in the entire series, and saying that i misunderstand his character? not gonna fly.

i have no doubts sam has trauma from mystery spot, who wouldn’t have trauma after seeing their brother die hundreds of times? yeah, it’s fucked up, i know it’s fucked up, gabriel knows it’s fucked up, it’s a truth universally acknowledged that gabriel is fucked up. and i accept that and love him for it because he’s trying, in his own deluded, fucked up way, to make things right. sam has trauma, yes, but he has a lot more trauma as his life goes on, too, and i think sam can grow to understand why gabriel did what he did. no one ever said sam would forget it, but he can eventually forgive it. i’m pretty sure if sabriel ever happened in canon sam would always be at least a little mistrustful of gabriel, but it could still work.

and this last part is just an awful thing to say. in no way do i want an angel to pair up with sam because dean has an angel. i fucking ship wincest more than i ship destiel. destiel is like a side ship to my side ships, i have read a total of maybe two destiel-centric fics. on the other hand, i think i have read every single sabriel fic ever to exist that doesn’t have things i’m uncomfortable with. i’m not pairing gabriel with sam to go alongside my destiel. i’m pairing gabriel with sam because it fucking makes sense and if destiel comes alongside it sure why not it’s there but i sure as hell wasn’t thinking of destiel when i started shipping sabriel.

i’m not an angry person but i just get really upset when people tell me i’m wrong for shipping what i do, or tell me i only ship something because i have a deep misunderstanding of the characters involved. no, i know these characters like the back of my fucking hand, and i will ship them all i like because they fucking make sense.

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